Our History

     You may wonder where the idea of Self Motivated Grind originated.  In the midst of returning home for the summer after his Sophomore basketball season, former Temple guard Will Cummings decided he needed to refocus and ensure he was mentally and physically prepared for his Junior campaign.  While watching a video on YouTube, a person started to speak about how he motivated himself everyday to get up and get better.  He didn't need any other source of motivation because as long as he motivated himself, that was all that mattered. Will knew he would be in grind mode all summer working on his craft. He decided to embody the words of the individual and add his personal grind to it, resulting in the Self Motivated Grind brand and lifestyle. Initially, it began as a #hashtag until others started expressing how much they liked the idea. From that point on, the brand and lifestyle gradually began to grow.  The moment Will knew he had created something special is when a CBS commentator acknowledged the Self Motivated Grind brand from seeing it on twitter and said she liked the movement.


   Will believes the brand is meant to inspire the youth and those who come after him to pursue their dreams and to work as hard as they can to reach them.  Although it is great to be fueled by exterior motivation, the fuel that will allow you to reach your goals and dreams comes from within.